Who We Train


we train athletes and artists. fighters and climbers. players and gamers. the thread that binds us together is we train individuals willing to go the distance. willing to commit. willing to risk who they are right now for who they may become. we work “in relentless pursuit of the next iteration of self”. we care less what an individual can pick off the ground than we do about what they are willing to leave on the floor….

we train hard. that is the only way to grow. do not misunderstand, hard means different things to different people (and at different times). it is varied, sometimes elusive, and profoundly personal, and we will do our very best to ensure no corner goes unexamined, no pain un-found. hard is often doing exactly what we dont want to, hard can mean taking a day off, hard means taking on the things that scare us most, the things that are most likely to cause failure. we court failure. we expose weakness in ourselves and in each other because only in this cruel light can we correct the imbalances and challenge our very definition of possible and impossible.

we train the big picture. we train emotion. we train reaction. we train response. we train flexibility. we train diet. we train recovery. we train responsibility. we train problem solving. we train the Will. this is the beauty of allegory; flexibility and conditioning… confidence and humility. hard work and deep breaths. efficiency and accountability.

we train for objectives. the gym is the gym. it is a laboratory. a church. we pray and we sacrifice, we do our time gladly with the knowledge that we will be rewarded. there is no glory in these halls, no posturing. no trophies or egos… we gather together as a community, lay bare our weaknesses in the hope they will be “forgiven”, and each night the confessional is cleaned and the pyres are readied for another offering.

we train the serious. the dangerous. the dedicated….

we train yogis and housewives. fighters and rockstars…

we train the workers…

we train the willing.