jake watson



jakeavatar2I became interested in training when I saw the movie ‘300’. That is when I first discovered GYM JONES and the video clip of what the actors did to prepare for the roles. That video sparked something in me. I had to know more. I combed through the GYM JONES website and any other source I could find on the subject of training.

I was a very skinny guy so my goal was to gain weight and get stronger. At first I tried a lot of different things and went in multiple directions at once. I read books about kettlebells, weightlifting, nutrition…I learned everything I could. Over the course of a few years I narrowed my focus. I stripped away the things that weren’t leading me to my goals. I started to see a change.

People started to notice my progress and ask questions about what they should be doing in the gym, or how they should be eating. I was happy to share what I knew and found myself becoming very invested in whether or not they succeeded in their goals. That opened a new door for me. My friend Burkey presented me with the opportunity to work with Station 515 and surround myself with people who are focused and willing to put in the work.

I have now attended the GYM JONES Fundamentals and Intermediate level seminars and have committed myself to furthering my education as a coach and trainer.


email: Jake@stationfiveonefive.com