People say they want help, when they want attention.they say they want to listen, when they want to be heard.we know this by what you say, by how you look, by what we can feel. everyone else would feel it, too, if they were not similarly self-absorbed and uninterested in you. you must first of all find out from yourself if you want to learn and why you want to learn. if you go somewhere to buy something, you must first earn the money, and have some idea of what you need. if you have idle wants and do not know your needs, you have a long way to go. if you become diverted from us by our behavior, you would never have been able to keep pace with us, anyway. if this sounds unpleasant, it does not signify that it is meant to be unpleasant. if you think that we are unpleasant, you are holding up a mirror to yourself, and saying. “look at them!”

-salahudin afranji

found in “caravan of dreams” by idries shah


A wealth of information, inspiration, and the philosophy that got me to stop working out and to start training. make the information matter.

Idries Shah

an amazing body of work and another instance of learning how to learn, and provided free via google books.

PAST skills

tracking. survival. awareness. amazing information and functional philosophy.

Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge

philosophy, sociology, sufism. the parallels are astounding.

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